Curb Appeal

Selling Your Home – Curb Appeal!

Being one of the most important aspects of staging and selling a home, you must make the potential home buyer want to get out of their car. Curb appeal is only part of the whole package. The little details are important for the whole picture. A tidy yard, clean driveway, etc. These things mean a well taken care of home in the eyes of a potential buyer. Most people pass judgment on your home within the first 30 seconds of being there, and that’s without even stepping foot inside! Let’s look at some easy steps to take to up your home’s game in the market.

Is your home having trouble selling? Let’s look at your house from the eyes of someone that’s never seen it before.

– How is your driveway?
Are there cracks of sunken spots? Discoloration or oil stains? Clutter? Clean up your driveway. Have any cracks repaired and discoloration/stains removed. The driveway is a huge eye catcher when walking up to a house. If there is something wrong on the outside the mood is almost certainly set for when the house is entered. Make sure everything is in order and things look neat. Apply a fresh coat of sealer to worn asphalt driveways, and power-wash concrete driveways.

– Is there something blocking the view of you home?
If you are having trouble seeing your house, looks at the trees and shrubbery and see what needs to be trimmed. If there is a lot of trimming to be done make sure you do that in advance so the trees/shrubs have time to heal and it doesn’t look like a quick last minute clean up. Have the driveway swept off from any branches or excess leaves.

– Can you clearly see the walkway to your home?
It may seem like it should be, but not everyone’s front doors are always clearly visible. Make sure you have a walkway that shows the potential homebuyer where they would be getting in to their house. Also if you have a patio have is set up as a nice sitting area so it looks warm and welcoming. There are many things you can do to make the walkway up to your home decorative. Coloring, stamping, whatever you think would make your home more attractive.

– How is your landscaping?
Fertilize your lawn and cut it. Trim along the edges of the sidewalk and other paved walkways. An attractive and well-maintained landscape can add up to 10% to the value of your home. Plant some color, trim the trees, tend to the flower beds. Make sure everything looks well and p

Landscaping adds a great deal of attraction to your homes exterior.

Landscaping adds a great deal of attraction to your homes exterior.